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Able Services, Inc.

Full Service Moving (All rates are based on a minimum of two hours)

2 men and 1 truck1 Bedroom
$85.00 per hour + Travel Charge

3 men and 1 truck2-3 Bedrooms
$95.00 per hour + Travel Charge

4 men and 1 truck 3-5 bedrooms
$125.00 per hour + Travel Charge

5 men and up5+ Bedrooms
Based on estimate + Travel Charge


2 people$85.00 per hour (min. 3 hours)
3 people$95.00 per hour (min. 3 hours)
4 people$125.00 per hour (min. 3 hours)
5 people and upBased on estimate

All pricing above is based on the average home and items. Due to the size of some items, there are additional fees (i.e., Gun Safe, Freezer, Piano, etc.) Rate begins at the initial location and not from our office. We will provide an approximation of what any service will cost so we do not exceed your budget or surprise you. Our goal is to ensure you become a repeat customer.

Janitorial Service

Based on estimate 

Handyman Services

All jobs related to repairs are subject to availability of handyman skills and certifications. All cost associated with a particular job must be calculated and presented as an estimate.

Hauling/ Trash out

Call for a quote or an appointment to estimate hauling rates and trash out costs and fees.